Year 3 student Sian Colley reflects on meeting Victoria Beckham

Sunday 12 February 2017

Year 3 student Sian Colley reflects on meeting Victoria Beckham

I was delighted to be given the opportunity on behalf of Graduate Fashion Week, to attend the Masterclass with their patron Victoria Beckham. The masterclass included Victoria Beckham being interviewed by Hilary Alexander, a valued journalist in the fashion industry.

It was a real eye opener to hear first-hand a well-known designers experience within the fashion industry. Victoria told us how when she started she didn’t have any fashion knowledge and started up by herself and with the support of two other people. This was interesting to hear as she reiterated that even though she didn’t have any knowledge about the fashion industry, she was passionate, and she was determined to start her own business and learn as she went on.

Another intriguing comment that Victoria made, was that she always likes to employ people from different fields who she thinks are more intelligent than her, and who make her feel ‘stupid’, so that she can learn from them. This approach to her company allows her to constantly learn and be open to new ideas.

She also told us about different things she is working, for example her collaboration with Target in America. She is working on a womenswear and children line. At the time when she signed for the collaboration she was pregnant with Harper, which was initially her inspiration. She said that her family have always been her inspiration and they always will, which was pleasant to hear.

At the end of the talk Victoria gave some inspiring words and said that as fashion students and graduate we are in a much better position than she was and we should use this to our advantage.