Year 1 networking project

Friday 17 October 2014

Year 1 networking project

1st Yr Styling Workshop_1

For their current project, Fashion Design students were asked to visit Brick Lane, Spitalfields and Portobello Market and buy a vintage garment that inspired them to develop a collection. Students chose an array of different styles and different decades and began by creating a concept wall to develop their ideas.

Fashion Promotion students are working on ‘Style: Past, Present & Future’ project that entails working in teams to research and shoot 4 fashion editorial images for a selection of fashion designers and brands.

On Tuesday 7th October, Fashion Design and Fashion Promotion year 1 students came together to meet one another and to collaborate on a fashion shoot based on their respective projects.

For this, vintage garment sourced by Fashion Design students were matched with Fashion Promotion student who were in charge of styling. This gave Fashion Promotion students more garments to work with and perhaps garments they hadn’t considered allowing Fashion Design students the opportunity to see how their vintage garment could be styled.

Kristine Kilty from Beige magazine led the day assisting Fashion Promotion students with their looks. Fashion Design students were asked to record the day by sketching and photographing the looks created and consider how their vintage piece was interpreted and the impact of 3D development.

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