Year 0 exhibition

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Year 0 exhibition

2016-04-12 16.06.11

Our inaugrual Year 0 culminated their year with a project encompassing a journey. Students exhibited their work in the newly created ‘Project Space’, beginning with a private view and was then open to the public.

Journeys ranged from Maria Peftouloglou’s concept of ‘PARKtOURing Greece’. The idea to tour Greece while doing parkour. The exhibition pieces celebrated parkour’s urban feel and movement along with the traditional culture of Greece, Abigail Blaxell’s project based on ‘an authentic journey through London’. Focusing on the imperfections of the city and combining them with street style around the different areas; Knightsbridge, Brick Lane and Camden and Greta Poskaite’s journey of becoming a bird and enjoying the freedom flying over five different landscapes of Iceland. It is about freedom, function and the beauty of nature.

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year 0 pic