The British Fashion Council pattern seminar

Monday 2 February 2015

The British Fashion Council pattern seminar

The British Fashion Council organise an annual pattern seminar featuring inspirational cutters demonstrating their techniques. We decided this would be a great event for the budding pattern enthusiasts on the Fashion Design Course to attend so we invited written applications from any interested students. The lucky three to be chosen were Lauren Ward, Olivia Sketcher and Sophia Idreos who were accompanied by Kirstie Fannagan our new Junior Pattern Technician who graduated from the course in June. They all had a thoroughly stimulating and enjoying day and here is some feedback from them.

‘The day consisted of seven guest speakers/demonstrations and was opened by Anne Tyrrell (who opened our Gerber Suite). Each speaker was amazing and had their own style and technique. My personal favourite was Shingo Sato whose idea is so straightforward but the results can be so effective, and applied in so many different ways, it just blew me away.

There were so many great ideas that can be used in so many interesting and unique ways it’s hard to really pin down the highlights of the day. I did pick up a bunch of really helpful tips that apply perfectly in the university setting but also, I imagine, in an industry one too. For instance:

“Anything will work if you pin it to the stand, but you can’t pin your customer” – Coryn Andrews

“If you can draw, you can pattern cut – have a little faith in yourself!” – Louise Annis

“Don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern cutting/fabric experimentation before designing – use it to inform your designs” – Julian Roberts

“Design for the pattern” – Shingo Sato.’ Kirstie


‘The techniques we were shown were all things I hadn’t seen before and after each seminar I was desperate to try them! I will definitely try to add some of them to my final collection!’ Lauren


‘Being given the opportunity to visit the British Fashion Councils Pattern making seminar was something I will always be grateful for. Being passionate about pattern making, it was a fantastic opportunity which opened my mind to the new and innovative ways with which clothing can and should be viewed when it comes to creation.

The day was greatly rewarding, and exciting to have been selected for. I will always be immensely grateful for the opportunity to listen and understand pattern in an entirely different light. I will take a lot of knowledge from this experience, and strongly urge anybody to attend if they ever get the opportunity.’ Sophia

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