Sophia’s exchange experience at UCA Rochester

Thursday 15 January 2015

Sophia’s exchange experience at UCA Rochester

The students on the Fashion Design course get the opportunity to spend three months at one of our partner institutions either in Europe, Australia, India or Canada. We also welcome students to come to study with us on an exchange programme. Sophia Idreos, from the Australian Academy of Design came to study with us from September to January and kindly wrote the following blog post reflecting on the experience.

“Studying Fashion Design at University of the Creative Arts at Rochester was the most amazing thing I have had the privilege of experiencing.

During my six months say in Rochester, I completed two rewarding design projects that enabled me to get a better understanding of myself as a designer. I fell in love with the tailoring project because of the freedom and technicality we were able to put into the garments we were asked to complete as part of our assignment. The project helped me to complete a piece of work that I was very proud of, and I owe all of this to the help from teachers and lecturers at UCA. It was so nice to be amongst a creative environment, full of people who love the art of clothing and construction. BA (hons) Fashion Design at Rochester is a great course and really provides its students with the skills to get a great and rewarding job within the fashion industry.

Rochester as a place is rich with history, nothing I had ever seen before. The cathedral was a particularly exciting place to visit. I took to exploring the town I was to call my home for the next few months. I was so entranced by the things that everybody from the UK was used to, and the cultural differences I was to soon become accustomed to. Due to the close proximity of London, I regularly visited the capital for shopping and fabric sourcing.

At Rochester, I felt so welcomed by everybody, and both staff and fellow students were interested in my ideas. I will always be grateful for the opportunity that UCA has provided me with. This experience has been so much more than I ever thought it would be, I have met some amazing people that I think will be friends for life. I hope to visit again soon, and to stay in contact with the University of Creative Arts.

Thank you for everything, I will truly miss this place!”