New year 1 students have arrived

Tuesday 19 September 2017

New year 1 students have arrived

Year 1 have completed their first week with inductions. A jam packed week to introduce our students to the different elements of the course, an opportunity to meet and interact with their peers and become familiar with the content of year 1.

Students brought their ‘Summer Design’ project work, with one of the tasks being a reworked garment. Students could consider restyling, manipulation, fabric embellishment, print, dye, cutting and stitching. The garments produced were an array of creativity, texture and colour. Students were encouraged to wear them too!

Thursday was our first Fashion Trail to London. We had organized tickets to the Balenciaga exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Students found it very inspiring and loved the different elements to interact. This was then followed by a trip to Brick Lane to visit some of the vintage shops which acted as the starting point for the students first course project.

We are now at the beginning of the new academic year; Monday morning is Contextual Studies and an insight into what is expected and what will be taught. This will be followed by the first design briefing in the afternoon. Busy but exciting times ahead.