Made to Measure

Friday 10 January 2014

Made to Measure

Emma O'Halloran sketchbook

Concept board: Emma O’Halloran

Year 2 students hit the ground running with an intense 9 week tailoring project “Made to Measure”. Following detailed personal research students designed a full 16 outfit tailored collection for both Mens and womenswear. The challenge of the project was to create innovative, contemporary tailoring designs, whilst also mastering the technical complexities of creating a tailored jacket from scratch. The results were really impressive and demonstrated the wealth of knowledge and skills developed during the project.

Emma O'Halloran

Tailored jacket: Emma O’Halloran, Photography: Paul Astley

Emma O'Halloran (Detail)

Detail: Emma O’Halloran, Photography: Paul Astley

Josephine Igao

Design board: Josephine Igao

Josephine Igao 2

Design illustrations: Josephine Igao

Lauren Pullen (Side)

Tailored jacket: Lauren Pullen, Photography: Paul Astley

Lauren Pullen

Tailored jacket: Lauren Pullen, Photography: Paul Astley

Katarina Lindell 2

Design board: Katarina Lindell

Katarina Lindell

Design board: Katarina Lindell

Valentina Desideri

Tailored jacket: Valentina Desideri, Photography: Paul Astley

Valentina Desideri (Detail)

Detail: Valentina Desideri, Photography: Paul Astley