Knitting and the Foo Fighters by Kira Matthews

Friday 7 November 2014

Knitting and the Foo Fighters by Kira Matthews

So knitting. Cool right? Said by no one ever under the age of 22.

When I think about knitting – something that I must admit, I don’t do very often – I imagine an unfortunate group of sagging single 50 year olds gabbing about cats, limescale and what happened last night on Coronation Street. Not really an image that many of us can relate to, or at least I hope not.

But I’m about to rock the boat a bit and shake up the way you see knitting. No more, is knitting about liver spots and the old folks. Enter centre stage the bright young things of Rochester, mixed in with a cool catchy slogan and a cake or two and you have: the UCA knit club.

The club has been set up and directed by Lucy Chick, a tutor on the Fashion Design Rochester course who wanted to expand the minds of the students on the lower second floor by teaching them how to create and manipulate textiles through knitting, crochet and embellishment. An idea that, although the stigma about old folks still lingers in the air, is something that would go a long way to supplement the fashion design course by developing well rounded and informed designers. Some of the greatest designers of our time have taken basic ideas and turned them into on their head to challenge the standard conventions of clothing. There’s no reason why knitting has to be confined to a Tuesday evening, or even your basic wool. It must be noted that there was even talk of a world tour and supporting the Foo Fighters! We are big minded people.

Though, as much as I can talk about how beneficial it is to learn a new skill, the club is something that has to been seen to be believed. The second floor pattern room which is often filled with students frustrated with pivoting darts during the day light hours, is turned into a tranquil social event based around a common interest in knitting. Students who had never knitted before, were creating enviable scarfs and snoods by the second session. Though I was not keen about the idea before I joined, knit club has quickly become a fixed date in my schedule – I promise I’m not just there for the cake!

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