Johanna Wahlman shortlisted for FAD

Friday 6 December 2013

Johanna Wahlman shortlisted for FAD

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Fashion Design Rochester year 3 student, Johanna Wahlman is through to the final of the FAD competition. Seventeen talented finalists from eleven universities across the UK have been selected for the 2014 FAD Competition final at Fashion Scout in February 2014. Johanna describes her FAD collection as:

“an optical illusion of what the sensation is expected to be, of how something visually cold, can make you feel warm. White greys and soft blues emerge from fresh Scandinavian winter and clean oxygen would enlighten the colour of a smell and the taste of the texture. Icing frost. Scarfs and knits would be the shape of cold and the sight of frozen hair would be connected to something that is supposed to make the human body warm but which gets frozen during winter. Furthermore, the sight of traditional knitwear cables, is changed to an optical illusion, where Plaited frozen hair melts into the structure. Rather than using fur, or, chemicals to imitate something similar that makes you warm, the use of hair, would be a futuristic suggestion of reusing something that is natural which would encourage the dignity of the fashion wearer. The finishing on the hair would express the beauty in the colour and sparkling touch. The use of delicate fabrics and manipulations will enhance the experience of the wearer by the combination of colours, textures and the concept of how something that could makes you warm can still look sophisticated as well as fashion forward in a contemporary environment.”

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