year zero

Year 0 shirt workshop

Our new year 0 students are here! On the first day, the students were given a challenge to wear a white button down shirt in as many different ways as possible. The results were highly creative with some very adventurous silhouettes based on the opposing ideas of uniformity and anarchy. The activity also broke the ice, with a great deal of laughter and chatting. The students ended the day with a great many ideas and several new friends.

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Year 0 exhibition

Our inaugrual Year 0 culminated their year with a project encompassing a journey. Students exhibited their work in the newly created ‘Project Space’, beginning with a private view and was then open to the public.

Journeys ranged from Maria Peftouloglou’s concept of ‘PARKtOURing Greece’. The idea to tour Greece while doing parkour. The exhibition pieces celebrated parkour’s urban feel and movement along with the traditional culture of Greece, Abigail Blaxell’s project based on ‘an authentic journey through London’. Focusing on the imperfections of the city and combining them with street style around the different areas; Knightsbridge, Brick Lane and Camden and Greta Poskaite’s journey of becoming a bird and enjoying the freedom flying over five different landscapes of Iceland. It is about freedom, function and the beauty of nature.

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Year O Visit the Louis Vuitton Exhibition

The Fashion Design year O students jumped on the train to London last week and made their way to 180 Strand to see the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition.

The series 3 exhibition profiles Nicholas Ghesquiere’s autumn/ winter 2015/2016 collection for Louis Vuitton, as well as giving us a glimpse into the production of it’s iconic products. ‘ Series 3 is a sensorial journey, venturing deep into the designer’s soul and an artisan’s heart.’

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year 0 – preparatory year launches at Rochester

From September 2014 the Fashion Design course will be offering the opportunity for students to study on a year 0. This will be a specialist fashion focused preparatory year mainly aimed at applicants applying directly from school who are confident they wish to study fashion design and need to build up the knowledge and skills required for entry on to a BA programme. Year 0 will enable students to explore the creative design process through a series of projects that will encourage the development of a robust approach to research and design. The emphasis will be on exploration and experimentation which will push students creatively and give them the confidence and skills to undertake the rigours of the BA programme in subsequent years. Students will be introduced to methods of research to enable an informed and innovative approach their design process and will explore portfolio techniques to develop design communication.

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