Lauren Ward

Monday 9 May 2016

Lauren Ward


What have you done since graduating in 2015?

Since graduating, my work has been featured in several photo shoots for magazines such as Ballad Of and Sicky. My work was included in the recent Absolutely Fabulous movie and I have also made custom pieces for the lead singer of feminist punk band ‘DREAM NAILS’ which she wore at The Sisterhood at Glastonbury 2016. I have been interviewed by Glitch and Stuff, a blog for up and coming young creatives and Antigone Magazine. I have done some tutoring at UCA with Year 1 and Year 0 students. I have also worked at a sewing school and bespoke seamstress where I assisted in making costumes and wedding dresses and I interned at Antonio Berardi and House of Holland before I got my current job. I currently work as an assistant designer at a supplier for major online retailers and I am manager of the petites department.

What were the most important skills you learned whilst studying at Rochester?

There were so many skills I learnt at Rochester as I was taught about fashion in so many areas. Learning about how the industry works from Gerber and fashion theory lectures showed me how designs are then made a reality, what there limits are and how they can be an influence which has been so helpful while working for the high street. Learning pattern and production taught me the best ways to make clothes and showed me what is possible in my designs. Design tutorials taught me how to research, create concepts and how to think originally as well as encouraging my own personal design style. Just knowing how to create a collection is an amazing skill I learnt.

How did fashion design Rochester prepare you for industry?

The course taught me the importance of working hard and giving every task your all. Its a very competitive industry and all the specialist skills and varied support I received helped me to understand the variety of roles within the industry and how I communicate with them as a designer. The most important skill I learnt was how to actually work as a designer, as its a job that involves so much more than just designing. Its about teamwork, innovation and problem solving.

Did you enjoy your time studying Fashion Design and in Rochester?

I loved studying at Rochester! The tutors were so encouraging and supportive, the facilities were amazing and often set up as they are in industry and I met great people there. There were so many amazing opportunities at UCA and I have been really lucky to have had so many more as a result of my graduate collection. There were times when it was hard but it has been a really rewarding experience and I learnt so much.

What advice would you give to the current and future students?

Take every opportunity. Get involved in everything as you never know what you might learn or who you might meet. There are so many areas of fashion you can be involved in and UCA shows you so many of them and by learning about them, you can see what you really want to do as a career. Do as many internships as you can to get contacts and experiences that really support your future ambitions. And have fun as you are so fortunate to be able to create a collection about something you love!