A Cut Above 2013

Saturday 25 May 2013

A Cut Above 2013

The first year culminates in a modelling project, titled ‘A Cut Above’. This unit introduces students to the complexities of draping on the stand and transferring designs to paper. This project deals with the designer market and walks students through how to adapt their design understanding for different market levels. Students are encouraged to embrace experimental cutting and consider silhouette and detail. Students also put into practise their skills on the Illustrator computer program, to produce a range plan with working drawings of their final designs. Drawing continues to be an integral part of the course and is demonstrated with final illustration pages forming part of the student portfolio.

img20130612_15502290Design development by Lauren Pullen

img20130612_15484204Design development by Emma O’Halloran

img20130612_15494743Colour & fabric boards by Mariam Ahmed

img20130612_15513840Colour & fabric boards by Ami Gallagher

img20130612_15524093Design boards by Shobi Springer

img20130612_15520892Design boards by Ami Gallagher

img20130612_15510025Design boards by Emma O’Halloran

img20130612_15461584 Design boards by Cassandra Tang

img20130612_15472953 Design boards by Emma O’Halloran

img20130612_15480622Design boards by Charlotte Goodayle

img20130612_15491262Design boards by Rikki Battle